How it works

A pizza exchange between fellow community members

Random Acts of Pizza exists as part of a sub-community on a website called It’s pretty simple. People post messages on the site, some of those messages are from people wanting to give pizza away and others are from people looking to get a pizza.

There are a million different reasons why people want to give pizza away and just as many for why people want a pizza. That’s where the random comes in. You could be looking to help a person out who’s in need, or you could be looking to give a pizza away to the first person who drives a green Ford Taurus. Whatever the reason, random pizza means good times had by all.

What do you need to get started? First, you need to be a member of Reddit. It’s free to join, but if you’re just joining to take part in RAOP, we suggest you also try to dabble in the rest that Reddit has to offer.

Fact: Active Redditors always have a better chance at getting pizza. Reddit is a community that likes to help fellow members. The most effective way to get a pizza request filled is to be an active member. There’s more to it than that, so let’s move on to the next section to get you closer to the action.

Pizza Snoo

Getting Started

A free pizza exchange between strangers

The steps for getting started will vary depending on if you’re giving or getting a pizza. But to start, head over to Reddit and open a new account. Next, navigate your way to the Random Acts of Pizza sub-Reddit by typing /r/Random_ Acts_Of_Pizza after the or by clicking here.

Once you’ve completed that difficult milestone, choose below. Are you a giver or receiver? Keep in mind the saying we have around here, Pizza it Forward. That means if you get a pizza today, you have an obligation to pay it forward and buy someone else a pizza when you have the time or means to do so.

Getting a Pizza

Requesting a pizza or accepting an offer

So you want some pizza, who doesn’t right? By this point, you should already have a Reddit account, be logged into the site and looking at the RAOP sub-Reddit. Now, from here are two ways to go about getting fed.

Submit a Request for Pizza

This means is you’re going to post a message requesting someone give you a pizza. You can list any reason you want, but just be honest. To do this, scroll down the page until you see the “submit” button located in the right sidebar, or you can click here for the direct submission link.

When entering a title for your post, there are a few guidelines. First, start with the following... “[Request]” without the quotations. This will make your post come up as a different color and make it easier for people to see it. Second, add your geographic location. This will give people an idea of the time zone you’re in and if it’s possible for them to get a pizza.

Take Advantage of an Offer

People with pizza to offer will title their posts with the tag “[Offer]” at the beginning. If you want a pizza, keep an eye on these posts. Chances are someone will have some pizza to give away in your area or in exchange for a random task, like creating a desktop background.

Private Messages, E-Gift Cards, Verification

Once someone decides they have a pizza for you, they’ll most likely send you a private message or ask you to send them one with your address. If this makes you uncomfortable, many people use e-gift cards to give pizza. In this case, you send the person your email and they send you an e-gift card for a sum of money that allows you to order your own pizza. To check your private messages (or PM) click on the envelope located beside your username in the top right hand corner of the site.

In order to increase your chances of getting a pizza, you should get a verification code first. This helps us prevent scammers from creating multiple accounts and request multiple pizzas by checking your IP address against recent pizza receivers. Also, be prepared to prove any claims you make.

Offerors have wide latitude in choosing who to give and in requesting proof that what you say is true. If you claim you have an empty fridge, it is reasonable for an Offeror to request a pic of your empty fridge. If you say you have $13.63 in your bank account. It is reasonable for the Offeror to request a pic of your bank statement of ATM slip. You are not required to do or give any information that you are uncomfortable with, but be aware this will lessen your chance of pizza.

Giving a Pizza Boxes

Giving a Pizza

How to spread the joy of random pizza

Looking to give away a pizza? Let me just start by saying you sir, are awesome. By this point, you should already have a Reddit account, be logged into the site and looking at the RAOP sub-Reddit. Before you give away a pizza there are a few things to consider.

Paying for the Pizza

Before you actually post your offer, you should decide how you’re going to pay for the pizza. If you call a pizza place directly and ask them to send a pizza to another person's house, often they will require the cardholder to be there to sign for it. That’s where e-gift cards come in. This is the ideal way to purchase someone a pizza. With gift cards, you simply pay online for a predetermined amount and then enter the receivers email address. The receiver is now free to order the pizza on their own and pay for it using the gift card you sent them. See below for a link to a list of current pizza places that offer e-gift cards and also check out the list of current coupons.

Post Your Offer

Now that you know how you’re going to buy the pizza, it’s time to post your offer. Remember, you can make your offer about anything you want (within the law); you’ve got the pizza to give! To start, scroll down the RAOP sub-Reddit until you see the submit button. Next, begin your posts title with “[Offer]” without the quotations. This will make your post easier to identify as an offer. Once you decide who gets the pizza, you’ll send them a private message asking for their details, such as email address. To send a private message, click on the person’s username and then on the right side of the screen, click “send message”. To check your private messages, click the envelope on the right side of the screen beside your username.

Check Verification Code

As great as this all is, people still try to scam the system by getting as much pizza as possible through creating multiple accounts. This is why you should ask people to provide you with a verification code. Take the code, and check it. This will ensure the person isn’t requesting multiple pizzas from the same IP address. If people complain about verification, they are most likely a scammer.

Also don't be shy in asking for proof of any claims by a Requestor. Offerors have wide latitude in choosing who to give and in requesting proof that what you say is true. If the Requestor claims to have an empty fridge, it is reasonable for an Offeror to request a pic of your empty fridge. If the Requestor says they only have $13.63 in their bank account. It is reasonable for the Offeror to request a pic of your bank statement of ATM slip. Requestors are not required to do or give any information that they are uncomfortable with, but Offerors aren't required to give to people unwilling to prove their claims. PLEASE USE YOUR DISCRETION and don't feel pressured to give to someone you are uncomfortable about.

Best Practices

Tips on getting the best experience out of RAOP

Use the Verification System

Anyone that complains about providing verification is probably a scammer. Just ignore them and move on.

Double Check the Usernames of Your PMs with the Usernames in the Thread

Watch for tricky things like replacing 0 (numeral) with O (letter) or transposing letters. This will avoid man in the middle scam attempts.

Send an E-Gift Card to Yourself and then Order Directly to the Receiver's Home

Scammers don't like to give out their real address. Using the eGiftcard also helps with some of the credit card problems (like the driver asking to see the card.)

Consider the Karma and Age Length of the User

Most of the abuse we've seen has been from 0 to Negative karma short-term Reddit accounts. Of course, we've had lots of legitimate new users both in requestors and donors so consider these factors, but don't let it be the only factor. Try to make new users welcome and help them out with Reddiquette.

Ask for Photo or Any Other Verification

You as a donor can ask for any sort of verification you'd like. As stated above, feel free to ignore anyone that refuses and move on.

Don't Fall for Sob Stories

RAOP really isn't supposed to handle long-term food problems. You are much more likely to find a legitimate user that is asking for a reasonable reason than one that is claiming to not have eaten for days. HOWEVER, please be aware that there are many people who truly have had some hard luck and could use the pick me up, so don't be afraid to help these folks out.

Requestors - Only Accept One Offer at a Time

We want to make sure the pizza sauce is spread to as many people as possible. Do not request more than one pizza without telling people you have already gotten one. If you need more than one meal then visit r/Assistance or r/Food_Pantry

If you post from a new account be prepared to offer some kind of proof to your situation. Givers feel free to ask for some proof.

E-Gift Cards

E-Gift Cards

Send a pizza to someone's inbox

Below is a list of pizza places that offer e-gift cards. it should be noted that these gift cards work in the U.S. only. Canadian users can use this site. We'd like more suggestions of sites that allow international orders. Please send the moderators a message with your site suggestions.


If you would like to contact the mods of r/random_acts_of_pizza, click here to send them a message directly. They encourage you to share your stories or suggestions.


To every Redditor who has contributed whether by asking or giving. Thanks!

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